meet wendy lawson

Meet Wendy Lawson, God's Wild & Reckless Medical Missionary, whose strong faith and real taste for adventure have taken her around the globe 7 times!

Wendy has spent the last 16 years as a medical missionary, speaking her healing testimony from Multiple Sclerosis to thousands of people in over 39 countries.

God's Madcap Missionary

Join Wendy on some "madcap" adventures: dodging spears and bullets, eluding Communist officials while smuggling 10,000 Bibles into Hong Kong's underground church, floating 400 miles down the Amazon River on a cattle barge, treating some of the 5,000 refugees of the Kosovo war and joining 600 natives in an island feast in the South Pacific - where she got married twice and didn't even know it!

Most importantly, you will learn about her battle with the debilitating neurological disease called Multiple Sclerosis and her miraculous healing and full recovery by our Great Physician, Jesus Christ, on the island of Madagascar on April 26, 1997.

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